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Just because they are from Qusra; Israeli soldiers severely beaten them !!

While they were going home from Nablus city, 3 young men stopped by an Israeli soldiers near Yetma ( Nablus Road ) who asked about  their identity cards and when the soldiers know that these youths form Qusra start beating them, just because they are from Qusra !! Ahmad Jaber Abo Reidah, Dorgam Wafeeq Abo Reidah, and Jameel Saleem Younes all of them in twenties.       ...

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Israeli settlers attack Qusra village

6 January 2013 | International Solidarity Movement, Qusra, Occupied Palestine At around 2 p.m. seven settlers attacked a farm on the outskirts of Qusra. The farm belongs to Abu Nasser and his wife Nedda who are both in their sixties. Nadda confronted the settlers after seeing them on their property cutting olive trees, warning them off with a solid wooden walking stick and a firm voice. At around 4 p.m. twe ...

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