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Jewish Settlers Destroys 200 Olive Trees After Midnight!!!

Yesterday Midnight at the South of Qusra, near Jaloud Village in “Kamel Territory “ , a Group of angry Jewish settlers attacked the lands of Palestinian citizens destroying the Olive Trees.

Recording to our sources, the number of destroyed trees reached 200 “ Two Hundred” Olive trees, 100 “ One Hundred” of them belongs to Mr. Fath Allah Mahmoud Abo Reideh, 25 trees to Mr. Rizq Allah Mahmoud Abo Reideh ; trees ages almost 15 years, Mr. Ghassan Tawfeeq Hasan lost 45 Olive Trees their ages about 7 Years old, and Mr. Abd Al Majeed Tawfeeq Hasan Lost 22 Trees aged 12 Years.

Hence it should be mentioned that the Jewish Settlers tried to break into the Village from the South Area yesterday at midnight, according to eyewitnesses a car entered the Village but was followed by the Israeli troops and obliged them to turn back to Qusra- Jaloud road. Israeli Soldiers stayed in the area until the early morning in order to protect the Jewish Settlers and forbidding them to leave their houses.

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