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Israeli police protecting settlers in crimes against Palestinians “Press tv “


Israeli settlers from the illegal Israeli outpost Yesh Koudec raided the village of Qusra, destroying residents property and burning six cars. 

The Palestinians found the identification of one of the Israeli soldiers near the burning car as proof that the Israeli soldiers, ostensibly there to protect all citizens from attacks, were complicit with these crimes.

The head of the village council of the village of Qasra that the Israeli occupation contacted him and threatened to arrest him if the identity of the soldier was released.

The villagers explained that the majority of injuries endured by the Palestinians actually comes from the soldiers, who shoot tear gas and rubber bullets at them on a weekly basis.

The Israeli soldiers have further demolished the villages electricity station., claiming that this was built without permission from Israeli Authorities.

Villagers stated that they have called for an investigation with the Israeli authorities about the continued violence from the settlers alongside the soldiers continuing to protect the settlers.

The Israeli authorities made a statement that the villagers had fabricated the incident of the burnt cars. However these accusations are usually made following interrogations of residents, to date not one interrogation has been carried out.

It is clear from the evidence particaulrly the soldiers ID that was found near the burnt out car that the Israeli army are complicit in the crimes of the settlers, a crime the Israeli authorities continue to deny.



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